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La Victoria de Acentejo

Vine Route

Wine is part of culture and idiosyncrasies of La Victoria de Acentejo, an essential of Tenerife.

Vine Route offers different inducements all year round. From the beginning of spring in March, when the vine begins to be born. The vine wakes up from its winter lethargy and after its period of rest, a first movement of the land is made – and the weeds are buried. The earth is tilled, paid, pampered.

The embryos of the flowers appear at the end of May or beginning of June and the flowering takes place in June. The flowers are white and tiny, but the landscape they make up is of extraordinary beauty.

The grape changes color throughout the summer. From green to yellow, if the variety is white, and light red, which will go dark if its variety is red wine. The landscape is transformed between green, purple and yellow, under a blue sky that contrasts with the Teide and the sea.

Between the months of August and October the ripening process is located until the arrival of the harvest. The crops begin to be sprinkled with people who, with extreme care, clean and prepare the collection of the grape, each and every one of the strains. This craft activity, totally manual, is carried out by its people with inherited skills, as a cultural heritage of their identity.

To know Tenerife, to know the Canary Islands, is unthinkable without understanding the culture of the artisanal wine, whose wines that are increasingly placing the Canary Islands in the highest levels of wine in the world. Centenarian strains, witnesses of history, can be found on this route as in any other part of the Island.

From the preparation of the land and the care of the vineyard, until its flowering, development and maturation, until the time of harvest, all processes are totally sustainable and handcrafted. To know this trip from the land to the wine press, and from there to the winery, becomes something very simple after this route. Its enjoyment, why the wine quality of the Island, is an adventure in nature for adults and children.


In addition, it is an experience that allows to know the hospitality and kindness of its people, its ability to share its knowledge with those who want and know how to listen; allowing the Vine Route of La Victoria de Acentejo to be proudly displayed, knowing it to be an unforgettable experience that will mark the memory of a wonderful holiday in Tenerife.

Sharing a glass of wine, at the end of the visit, is not understood without accompanying it with the local cuisine, where you can find the most sustainable agriculture naturally integrated into the development of gastronomy and enology as an added value to this route, for visitor delight.

The copious food of extraordinary quality, invites to relax after meal and walk through its streets enjoying traditional architecture and cultural heritage, to end the afternoon in its cozy and varied commercial area.




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