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Chestnut Route

Centuries-old chestnut trees of unparalleled beauty, allows you to taste traditional cuisine based on its fruit. A “must” of Tenerife.

Through the main places where this fruit is grown since immemorial times, forming part of the differentiated identity of La Victoria de Acentejo. With centuries-old chestnut trees of unparalleled beauty, the peaceful course of these routes will guide you by idyllic landscapes, feeling an authentic experience, which leads him to discover a natural reality, an authentic cultural heritage and now offered as tourist resource.

La Victoria de Acentejo is located in one of the areas with the greatest chestnut tradition of the island, the Comarca de Acentejo, with a natural diversity of chestnut trees that constitutes a natural heritage of undoubted importance, preserving nine different varieties such as: Mulata, Donosa, Castagrande, Picuda, Polegre, Redonda de Haya, Matancera and Mansa.

The stages of development linked to the chestnut culture, go through the collection, the development of the hedgehog and its maturation, flowering, crops related to chestnut. The uses of the fruit in the kitchen will delight the visitor and the tourist, who comes to Tenerife looking for a real experience, away from the noise of tourist enclaves. It will undoubtedly provide you with much to tell when you return home.

The Chestnut Route has been drawn according to the orography of the land on which it is located.

It is about facilitating the knowledge of all stages of growth, as well as the different varieties that La Victoria de Acentejo has.

In full nature in numerous enclaves, it is a totally natural and ecological cultivation, completely adapted to the climatic and geological singularity of its ecosystem, bathed by the Alisios.

This route, prior to the tasting of the good gastronomy of La Victoria de Acentejo, and a subsequent walk through its attentive and varied commercial area, is thought to be affordable for the whole family, especially for those who want a tourist attraction in wild nature.






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